Cologne Bonn Airport

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Comprehensive service area of the website


Foto: Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf

Central complaint-/feedback management

German Red Cross

Erste Hilfe

Lost & Found

Lost & Found AHS

AHS Köln / Aviation Handling Services GmbH

Lost & Found CAS Cologne

CAS Cologne Aviation Service GmbH

Lost & Found Eurowings

Swissport Köln GmbH

Lost & Found Lufthansa

AHS KÖLN/ Aviation Handling Services GmbH

Lost & Found Ryanair


Cargo / General Inquiries

Kim Ina Rütten

Personalreferentin / Bereich Flughafensicherheit und Finanzen & Controlling

Marketing / Sales

Thomas Ederer


René Küppers

Digital Manager

Foto: Stephan Merkens

Stephan Merkens

Head of Airport Media & Event

Foto: Sabrina Müller

Sabrina Müller

Senior Media Sales Manager

Foto: Silke Weiss

Silke Weiss

Media Sales Manager

Foto: Jil Friedrichs

Jil Friedrichs

Media Sales Manager

Foto: Louisa John

Louisa John

Account Manager

Foto: Roman Schultes

Roman Schultes

Event Manager

Foto: Martin Partsch

Martin Partsch

Aircraft Noise - Pollution Measurement

Rainer Broszukat

Passive Noise Protection

Noise Protection

Passive Noise Protection

Airport- & Handling Charges

Landing-, Passenger- and Parking fees for Airlines

Service area of the website


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