Cologne Bonn Airport

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By bicycle or on foot

It may sound a bit strange to go to the Airport by bike or on foot, but you’ll be surprised just how close the Airport is. It’s worth taking a cycle run or even a hike through the heath landscape “Wahner Heide” – one of the richest nature reserves in Europe!

Sometimes it’s the journey that is the reward.


Car Park 1
General parking11201075
Car Park 2
General parking47512743
Car Park 3
General parking4130395
Car Park 32
Car park "Nord"
General parking6037
Train station
Bus Station
Long distance coach terminal
Petrol station
Rental counters
Terminal 1 / Departure
Terminal 2 / Arrival
Rental car return
Electric fuel station
BAC Cologne (GAT)
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Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Cologne Bonn Cargo
Kriegerstraße 16
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