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Health & social affairs

The well-being of every single member of staff is very close to our heart. That’s why we act with the appropriate foresight. Bearing the demographic change in mind, Cologne Bonn Airport attaches great importance to preventative health measures since in an ageing society the protection of health must be of increasing importance. We have to minimize stress and impacts on health and avoid risks as best we can.

Occupation Health and Safety


Safety First!

Classical occupational health and safety includes accident prevention, analyses of workstations with monitors, risk assessments, a catalogue of hazardous materials, radiation protection, dangerous goods consultation. And we go a step further: after all, providing ground services for aircraft is still strenuous physical work. Here the Airport Company, Flughafen Köln Bonn GmbH, tries to find alternative solutions. 

To this end the working group “Innovative technical working equipment” has been set up. Vacuum lifts are now used for loading luggage and moving conveyor belts – power stows - are used to limit the physical exertion.

Help in a crisis

We are quite aware that, despite every effort made, illnesses and injuries can never be completely ruled out. Medical assistance for those involved is for us a matter of course and in the case of persistent problems the employees also receive long-term support.

Gentle medicine

An alternative medical practice has been set up at Cologne/Bonn Airport to offer members of staff with acute symptoms help and relief through massage, acupuncture etc.

Prevention is better than healing

Of course prevention is the be all and end all in medical care. We advise our staff on health-related issues and offer courses such as back training, or how to lift and carry properly, so that they don’t get these complaints in the first place.

Help in word and deed

Issues such as addiction, burn-out or mobbing are becoming more and more important in health protection. This also means a change in the work of the social counselling services at the Airport whose pillars of work are prevention and active assistance.

Flughafen Köln Bonn GmbH provides assistance for employees with personal or professional problems. Together with the person involved they try to find possible solutions, coordinate and accompany remedial measures.

Apart from counselling in individual cases, we also organise prevention information events on various topics, for instance training for supervisors on how to recognise the danger of addiction at work.

Jörg Rieken

Manager SAG

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